Friday, June 17, 2011

When will USF be considered in the BIG 4?

After we beat FSU and Miami, USF has considered themselves in the Big 4. But the problem is that the other schools that are in the Big 3 still doesn't consider us in the Big 4. And it makes sense why they wouldn't give us respect, they have all won national championships in not just football but in other sports. USF needs to step up not just it's football program, but we need to step it up in every sport. Like in previous post I stated that UF won the national championship in indoor track this year. FSU came in second in outdoor national championship. UF also has a great baseball,softball and basketball teams. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't FSU win the baseball National Championship last year?Also FSU happened to squeeze their basketball team in the bracket this year and go pretty far. We are in the Big East and still couldn't get into the bracket.

How to fix this

I think the biggest thing USF needs to do is just hire new coaches in some sports. For example, baseball and basketball are the sports that are constantly losing year in and year out. And I want to blame the AD department for not firing these coaches. It's a shame that we are in the Big East and not being competitive in basketball. Espn always highlights Big East teams during basketball season and we need to capitalize on this to get some national exposure. Remember when we beat Villonova in the Big East tournament this year? Well Espn did, because right after we beat Nova we were on the front page of the Espn website. 

We need to build on the programs that we are competitive in. For example, I think we are doing wonders in soccer right now both men's and women's. We just built that stadium for them and USF is putting a lot of emphasis on the program right now. Also the men's program just got a lot of great JUCO transfers for this fall. We got four transfers from a juco college that hasn't lost a game in two years! 

Then there is football, USF needs to keep building on this program no matter the cost. This is the best and easiest way to get USF to be a household name. And right now I think they are doing everything right. Skip Holtz is a great coach that has a history of turning bad programs into conference champions ( not that USF was bad before). It also seems the athletic department is trying to make our program into a national caliber team with all the new improvements in the facilities. USF just needs to try to be in the top 25 for as long as they can for they can be familiar with the nation and more importantly the recruits.  


  1. Win. Win conference championships. Win BCS bowls. Earn NCAA bids. Win NCAA games.

    Win and the Big 3 will become a Big 4. It's the only way.

  2. Glad to see another USF blog up and running. Feel free to stop by TheClusterDuck.blogspot for some occasional USF musing as well. You and VooDoo Five will do great things for the school.

    As to the Article... couldn't agree with Ken more. Winning in football is really the only sure fire way in the short term. Spend money, recruit hard and do your best to keep the kids out of trouble and you have a recipe for wins.